What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts that help position your foot in the proper alignment.  They look like a Dr Scholl insole, but have a hard plastic piece on the bottom of it.  The topcover is just for cushion- it’s the plastic piece that’s doing all the work of correcting your foot.

Want custom orthotics?  You’ll need a prescription to be covered by insurance, but many insurances don’t cover their cost.  So- you’ll probably have to pay out of pocket (ewww- we don’t like that phrase).  Unless… you’re one of the lucky ones!  Sometimes I feel like I’m telling someone they’re a Publisher’s Clearinghouse winner when I’ve found out they’re covered by insurance 100%, haha.  The best way to find out is to just check your insurance- you never know.

They DO sell orthotics over the counter, but since they are not made specific to your foot, they may not work as well or at all.  If you’re looking to go this route- have your doctor or PT tell you if your foot is flat, normal or high arched- different inserts are made for different feet.